Masternode Setup

The Masternode Creator

Here we will show the steps required to generate Masternode data on the Snowgem Modern Wallet, a full setup guide including the VPS is available here.‚Äč


  • A Virtual Private Server (VPS) with at least 1GB ram, 1 Core CPU and 20GB disk space. Linux or Windows.

  • A fully synced local Modern Wallet.

  • 10000 + 1 Snowgem (XSG).

A fresh public address with a balance of exactly 10000 XSG in one transaction will be required.

Setting up the Modern Wallet Masternode

To start setting up our Masternode we must first decide on a name for it, we will use "mn1" for this example so we enter "mn1" in the box called "Alias Name".

When creating a name for our masternode we must enter a name with no spaces.

Next we need to enter our IP address from the VPS provider which must be static IPV4 or IPV6, enter this into the box called "VPS IP".

Next we must have a Masternode private key, to get this we must press "Get Private Key" button, after a short delay this will appear in a new window which will need to be copied into the "Private Key" box.

Please ensure you save the private key for use in setting up your VPS hot wallet.

Next we press "Get Masternode Data" to get our Transaction ID (Txid) which we enter into the "Transaction ID" box.

Please ensure you save the Txid for future use in setting up your VPS hot wallet.

In most cases the "Index" will be 0, enter this in the last box.

When you have completed the all boxes, press setup to restart the Modern Wallet and apply the newly configured Masternode.

Please follow the video tutorial for VPS setup here.