FAQ And Troubleshooting

Do i need to subscribe and pay a monthly fee to use Asgard ?

Currently Asgard is completely free but this may change in the future for optional extra services.

My Masternode is stuck at 5% on installation what should i do ?

Please double check your login credentials and restart installation.

My Masternode is stuck at something more than 5% on installation what should i do ?

Please contact our team through Discord so we can help and manually intervene.

What controls are available to me to manage my VPS through Asgard ?

If you use a third party VPS, this is legally yours to keep in good working order but we do have some simple features that enable you to "Restart and Upgrade daemon" if this is required to be done manually. In most cases your VPS will be fully managed via Asgard without any intervention.

How do i delete my Masternode from Asgard ?

Simply Navigate to your Masternode Page and click "Delete" and enter your 2fa if you have set this up.